7 Words You’ll Fear To Use

7 Words You’ll Fear To Use If You Know What They Mean In Other Countries

The dictionary is craziest thing in the world where it is filled with the strange word and they give different meanings in other languages. There are some words are so strange where use them here and there but they will hurt someone.  Actually you might hurt someone with those weird words.

Here we have found some instances where other languages have found in fall statement for English words.

There are lots of funny words like that and you need to think several times when you are going to use these words in next time.

  • Vader- yes you know will get know about this word whenever you hear memory of Star Wars.

I think Dutch people not ever watched this Star War and don’t have any memory in this because it means Father in Dutch.

  • You might have gone to Poland or planning to go there then think twice before saying no there.

The No meaning in Poland is called as polish.

  • Swedish is also one of the sweetest languages where you never ask for kiss. Because..

The meaning of Kiss in the Swedish language is Pee. Really?

  • This one is hilarious where you don’t ask for gift anymore.

Gift means poison in the German language.

  • You and your friends might have the name called as Gary but there is one place where you will get in trouble for that.

This sounds like Geri in which is diarrhea in the Japanese language..Hmm.

  • We all know about the hammer which is the most common backyard tool.

You even not to be surprise when any German says ‘der hammer it means you looks really cool and awesome.

  • You will use “Mist” word for beautiful sight in the early morning and anywhere but it is Manure sadly in the German.

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