how to open facebook when it is blocked by server

Best Methods to Unblock Facebook Restriction at School College & Offices

Social networking sites are the trendiest things now. Actually Facebook is the most popular among all the social networking sites. As we always love to use Facebook use at anytime. We are free to use these social networking sites and check what your friends are updating on Facebook for each and every hour then what if anybody block Facebook. As all of us know most of the colleges and Schools blocks some social networking sites to maintain the awareness at students and made the strict rules. Even at some offices too. Actually they will block those sites at some restricted area and even Facebook is blocked by whole country in some nations. So, you feel annoy being unable to use restricted websites in your area then this guide will help you to access the Facebook or any other website. So, here we are sharing 3 best methods to access Facebook in your School, College and Office.

Using Proxy Server-

Proxy Sites are the best service to access the Facebook website easily with simple steps. These proxy sites will help you to hide your IP address and even hide identity. So, that helps you to unblock the Facebook in your area. Actually proxy sites will help you to change your IP address and server then you can easily access. Some of the most popular proxy servers also have extensions those you can use to excess from there only. So, here we have mentioned some of the best proxy servers and you need to check one by one.


Hidemyass is the most popular proxy sites which helps you to access Facebook without any problem. Here this proxy site will help you to change the IP address and gives the server of other countries and that helps you to access Facebook page without any problem. Here HideMyAss also offers the extension for your browser in order to access the blocked websites easily whenever you want. If you don’t know how to use this proxy site then you need to follow this guide.

  • Visit, there you can find search bar. So, you need to enter in that search bar and then select the server that you want and then choose the IP settings.
  • Then click on Go button. That’s it.
  • Now you are unblocked Facebook website in restricted areas.
  • You can even use Paid version of this server in order to access Facebook with very high speed with great security.

Using VPN Services-

VPN services are also the best solution to get out of this problem. You can easily access blocked Facebook in your area without any hassle. Actually it works like a tool where you need to but these tools and sign up for them and use. Even you can get the free ones. You just need to enter your web address by selecting the area as you want where the facebook is not restricted then hit go in VPN to access the website. So, this was the quick introduction about VPN. The paid version of VPN is almost better where you will get lots of servers and countries to choose and you will get only few in free version. The paid version is too fast to browse. VPN runs as background in your computer where it doesn’t disturbs you browse and this one is also a great features of this VPN.

So, I think I listed best methods to unblock Facebook restriction in your School, College and Offices. If you have any doubt or problem with the post or the topic then you can openly let me know that through comments.